Sunday, 25 April 2010

25th April 2010: Drive around the Algarve Motor Park

Have fun at the Algarve Motor Park driving your own car or motorbike!

Today only: ‘Feel the Freedom’!

Sunday, 25th April 2010

Venue: Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Portimão, Portugal

Tickets: €5 ( or €9 with t-shirt)

Location: The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve is located near the city of Portimão, in Sítio do Escampadinho in the parish of Mexilhoeira Grande. This is about 4.5 kilometres north of the Algarve motorway (A22), with a direct road link via the motorway exit at Mexilhoeira Grande.

The cities of Portimão and Lagos are a 10-minute drive away.

Notes and Links:

Official site of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (Algarve Motor Park)


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Friday, 23 April 2010

Fado in Portimão @ Myself Club: Teresa Tapadas e António Pinto Bastos, Saturday 24 April 2010

Fado is the quintessential Portuguese song and for many they either like it or hate it!

Given a chance we think it can grow on you. Specially if you are fortunate to hear it sung by a good singer ! Not to forget the Portuguese guitar players who also make a great contribution to the overall sound.

On Saturday hear Fado at the Myself Club by Portimão’s Riverside & next to Portimão’s Municipal Museum (Rua 8, Zona do Porto, Antiga Fábrica Feu).

Teresa Tapadas & António Pinto de Basto will be singing Fado to the sound of guitar players Vitor do Carmo, José Santana & Tó Correia.

Entry costs 15€ and includes red wine, Tapas and Portuguese kale soup. Enjoy!

Saturday 24 April 2010, 22:00

Tickets: €15

Venue: Myself Club

Address: Rua 8, Zona do Porto, Antiga Fábrica Feu (Portimão’s riverside)

Google map

Tel.: 00351 919999819 or 00351 282418335

Links & Notes:

Fado (Wikipedia)


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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Carnation Revolution/Freedom Day/Dia da Liberdade Celebrations in the Algarve – 24-25 Abril 2010

Freedom Day on 25 April is a national holiday in Portugal, with both state-sponsored and spontaneous commemorations praising the elemental civil liberties and political freedoms achieved after the revolution (Wikipedia).

A number of musical events with folk singers from that period are taking place on the weekend to celebrate this special day, including:

Saturday 24th April 2010

Sérgio Godinho (Portimão, Municipal Auditorium, 21:30)

Sunday 25th April 2010

Rão Kyao (Albufeira, Municipal Auditorium, 21:30)

Paulo de Carvalho (Olhão, Municipal Auditorium, 21:30)

Vitorino (Monchique, Largo dos Chorões, 21:30)

Other musical events taking place include:

Faro (Saturday 24th April 2010, José Maria & Friends, Municipal Market, 11:00)

Estoi (Saturday 24th April 2010, José Maria & Friends, Casa do Povo de Estoi, 21:30)

Lagos (Saturday 24th April 2010, Tigerman – “Femina” concert, Lagos Cultural Centre, 21:30)

Faro (Saturday 24th April 2010, Cantam Autores group, Praça da Pontinha, 22:00)

Tavira (Saturday 24th April 2010, Lauro Palma group, 22:00)

Tavira (Sunday 25th April 2010, Cantam Autores group, 17:00)

Vila Real de Santo António (Sunday 25th April 2010, Praça Marquês de Pombal, Cantar de Amigos group, 22:00)

Monte Gordo (Sunday 25th April 2010, Duo Reflexo. in front of the Monte Gordo, 22:00)

And more…

Links & Notes:

The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese: Revolução dos Cravos), also referred to as the 25 de Abril, was a left-leaning military coupstarted on 25 April 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal, that effectively changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy (wikipedia)


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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

We are delighted normality is returning after the nightmare we have lived through recently! Força Algarve! Roll on with your next Holiday!

We are delighted that the people that have been stranded are finally making their way home, safely. We are sorry for all of those who have had to pay huge amounts to get themselves back home and have had terrible journeys in the process.

This has been terribly damaging to all of us & hopefully the powers that be will not let it happen again. Força Algarve! Roll on with your next holiday!


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