Sunday, 29 June 2008

Are you ready for that guitar! Lucky Peterson concert in Alvor, Algarve, 4th July, 2008

Are you ready to hear Lucky Peterson play the guitar?
Lucky Peterson is as good as the ‘blues’!
Once you start hearing that guitar there ain’t no stopping.

Friday 4th July, 10PM
Venue: the Restinga Stadium in Alvor

Ticket prices: €25
Ticket sales and reservations:
T: +351 707 234 234
Tickets can also be bought in shops of Fnac, Worten, Agências Abreu & Megarede

The Restinga Stadium is not just the football grounds of the Portuguese club Alvorense but is also a venue for music concerts. It’s next to Alvor’s beach. Within reach of Alvor’s Riverside. It’s easy to get to it by car or taxi from Praia da Rocha, Portimão or Alvor.

After the concert continue with an ‘after party’ at Sasha Beach (Praia da Rocha, next to the Marina

Notes and links :

Lucky Peterson (born Judge Kenneth Peterson, 13 December 1964, Buffalo, New York) is an American musician who plays contemporary blues, fusing soul, R&B, gospel and rock and roll. He plays guitar and keyboards. (Wikipedia)

Music by Lucky Peterson

I'm Ready

North Atlantic Blues Fest 2007

Truly A Friend

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Enjoy the Summer at Portimão’s Riverside to the sound of Radio Macau

Radio Macau, an important Portuguese rock band of the 80’s and early 90’s, makes a comeback and launches the Allgarve Summer programme of musical and cultural events in Portimão.

Saturday 14th June, 11PM

At Portimão’s Riverside (opposite the new museum)

Entrance: Free of Charge


'Allgarve' 2008 Summer events

Radio Macau (Wikipedia in Portuguese)

Radio Macau's music in myspace

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Monday, 9 June 2008

June is Marching Season in the Algarve!

As Marchas Populares (Popular Marches) and Festas dos Santos Populares (Popular Saints Festivities) are a popular Portuguese tradition which continues to have a strong expression not just in Lisbon and Oporto but throughout the country. It is part of the Portuguese cultural and musical folklore! It’s associated with St Anthony, St John and St Peter.

Portimão, Riverside (Zona Ribeirinha), Sunday 25th June, 22PM

With a street party atmosphere it’s a wonderful spectacle of colour as people dress up in bright coloured costumes. Some will dress up in traditional Portuguese costumes and carry a mixture of images of saints and non-religious artifacts. Music accompaniment is provided by local amateur bands.

These festas are associated with the grilled sardines season and where best to start than in Portimão or Praia da Rocha? See you there!

Other festas nearby:
Alvor Riverside (Zona Ribeirinha) - Saturday 21st of June, 22PM
Mexilhoeira Grande – Saturday 28th June, 22PM

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What’s On in the Algarve in June 2008

World Music Festival; Classic Music & Ballet; Jazz and; of course, the Popular Saints Marches + a lot more !

Check it all out: What's on in June 2008
Note: You’ll find the above in hard copy at Faro Airport (in the Tourist Office) and in all Tourist Offices throughout the Algarve.

Enjoy the Algarve! There is more to it than ‘Sun, Sea & Sand’!

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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Somewhere different to watch the Euro 2008 games?

Praia da Rocha is not short of excellent bars, restaurants, cafés and even pizzerias to watch the 31 games that make up the Euro 2008 competition.

So where to go that might be different and special?

Sasha Beach Restaurant/Bar
Located in the lovely sand beach next to the Marina and the pier stands Sasha Beach

Plainly but stylishly decorated and with a fantastic menu of course.

Feed your senses with the best food and the best football!

Fatasul in Lagoa

Away from the beach and 20 mins from Praia da Rocha you can find a different venue and a different atmosphere at Fatasul in Lagoa (Showground for Fairs and Exhibitions; Parque Municipal de Feiras e Exposicões, close to the EN125). Here you can watch the matches via giant screens!

Sasha Beach or Fatasul? Try both and yell us which one you liked best!

Games & kick off times (UK/Portugal local time):

Saturday 7th June 17 PM: Switzerland 0 - 1 Czech Republic
Saturday 7th June 19.45 PM: Portugal 2 - 0 Turkey

Sunday 8th June 17 PM: Austria 0 - 1 Croatia
Sunday 8th June 19.45 PM: Germany 2 - 0 Poland

Monday 9th June 17 PM: Romania 0 - 0 France
Monday 9th June 19.45 PM: Netherlands 3 - 0 Italy

Tuesday 10th June 17 PM: Spain 4 - 1 Russia
Tuesday 10th June 19.45 PM: Greece 0 -2 Sweden

Wednesday 11th June 17 PM: Czech Republic 1 - 3 Portugal
Wednesday 11th June 19.45 PM: Switzerland 1 - 2 Turkey

Thursday 12th June 17 PM: Croatia 2 -1 Germany
Thursday 12th June 19.45 PM: Austria 1 - 1 Poland

Friday 13th June 17 PM: Italy 1 - 1 Romania
Friday 13th June 19.45 PM: Netherlands 4 -1 France

Saturday 14th June 17 PM: Sweden 1 - 2 Spain
Saturday 14th June 19.45 PM: Greece 0 - 1 Russia

Sunday 15th June 19.45 PM: Switzerland 2 - 0 Portugal
Sunday 15th June 19.45 PM: Turkey 3 - 2 Czech Republic

Monday 16th June 19.45 PM: Poland 0 -1 Croatia
Monday 16th June 19.45 PM: Austria 0 - 1 Germany

Tuesday 17th June 19:45 PM: Netherlands 2 - 0 Romania
Tuesday 17th June 19.45 PM: France 0 - 2 Italy

Wednesday 18th June 19:45 PM: Greece 1 -2 Spain
Wednesday 18th June 19.45 PM: Russia 2 -0 Sweden

Quarter – finals

Thursday 19th June 19.45 PM: - Portugal 2 - 3 Germany

Friday 20th June 19.45 PM: - Croatia 1-3 Turkey

Saturday 21st June 19.45 PM: - Netherlands 3 - 1 Russia

Sunday 22ndJune 19.45 PM: - Spain 4 - 2 Italy

Semi – Finals

Wednesday 25th June 19.45 PM: - Germany 3 - 2 Turkey

Thursday 26th June 19.45 PM: - Russia 0 - 3 Spain

Finals (Vienna)

Sunday 29th June 19.45 PM: Germany 0 - Spain 1


Sasha Beach Restaurant

Fatasul (in Portuguese)

Euro 2008 (Wikipedia)

UEFA Euro 2008 Official Site

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Mariza, Fado Diva at Praia da Rocha, 6 June 2008

Enjoy a special meal followed by a night with Portugal’s leading interpreter of Fado: Mariza.

When this lady sings it touches your soul!

Friday 6th June
In the relaxed atmosphere of 5* Hotel Algarve Casino (located in the centre of Praia da Rocha: Avenida Tomas Cabreira)

Dinner Concert: €60

Note: The Concert is repeated on Saturday at the Casino de Vilamoura, Vilamoura

Mariza Sings (clips)

Meu Fado Meu

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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Algarve Calling Heavy Metal Fans –25th, 26th & 27th July 2008

With plenty of Portuguese bands as well as bands coming from USA, UK, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark, France and Brazil it’s time to make your way to Estômbar, Algarve!

3 days to let your hair down and enjoy the Algarvian summer breeze with the sound of the best heavy metal.

Friday 25th July, Saturday 26th July & Sunday 27th July

Concerts in 2 stages start at 1PM; except Friday (slightly later start).

Venue: Estômbar Parque de Feiras e Exposicões

Ticket prices: €25 per day or €60 for the 3 day event if buying on the first day of the festival.
{Slightly reduced rates for those buying tickets early. Details here:}

Note: Estômbar is a small town off the EN125 between Lagoa and Parchal. Parchal is on the other side of the River Arade across from Portimão. Estômbar can be reached by train or by taxi from Portimão/Praia da Rocha. The venue is close to Estômbar’s train station.

Time to drown out the noise from Portuguese crickets chirping!
Links :

For confirmation of all bands performing at the event please look at the official website of the organisation:

Details of some of the bands attending:

Obituary (American Death Metal)

Opeth (Swedish Extreme Progressive Metal)

Grave Digger (German Classical/Speed Metal)

Korpiklaani (Finnish Folk / Metal/ Thrash)

Tankardfrankfurt (German Thrash Metal)

Gorgoroth (Norwegian Black Metal)

Royal Hunt (Danish Melodic Progressive Metal)

Evergrey (Swedish Progressive/Power Metal)

Discharge (British Punk / Hardcore/Heavy/Thrash Metal)

Firewind (American/Greek Power/Speed Metal)

ONSLAUGHT (British Thrash / Metal / Death Metal)

Sieges Even (German progressive rock music)

The Old Dead Tree (French Rock / Metal / Gothic)

AstrA (Italian Progressive Metal)

CRUACHAN (Irish/Celtic Folk Metal)

Dionysus (Swedish metal)

Icycore (Italian Progressive/Electronic Metal)

Ira Regia (Spanish Progressive Metal)

Angriff (Portuguese Thrash Metal)

Attick Demons (Portuguese Heavy/Power/Metal)

Demon Dagger (Portuguese Speed/Thrash Metal)

Fallen Sentinel (Spanish Gothic Metal)

Forgotten Suns (Portuguese Progressive Rock/Metal)

Holocausto Cannibal (Portuguese Death/Grindcore/Latin Metal)

Ironsword (Portuguese Heavy Metal)

Killem (Spanish Thrash Metal)

Mindfeeder (Portuguese Heavy/Power Metal)

Pitch Black (Portuguese Thrash Metal)

Three Orakle (Portuguese Death Metal/Doom gothic metal)

Vanguarda (Portuguese Rock/Metal)

W.A.K.O (Portuguese Metal/Death Metal)

Witchbreed (Portuguese Progressive/Alternative)