Monday, 9 June 2008

June is Marching Season in the Algarve!

As Marchas Populares (Popular Marches) and Festas dos Santos Populares (Popular Saints Festivities) are a popular Portuguese tradition which continues to have a strong expression not just in Lisbon and Oporto but throughout the country. It is part of the Portuguese cultural and musical folklore! It’s associated with St Anthony, St John and St Peter.

Portimão, Riverside (Zona Ribeirinha), Sunday 25th June, 22PM

With a street party atmosphere it’s a wonderful spectacle of colour as people dress up in bright coloured costumes. Some will dress up in traditional Portuguese costumes and carry a mixture of images of saints and non-religious artifacts. Music accompaniment is provided by local amateur bands.

These festas are associated with the grilled sardines season and where best to start than in Portimão or Praia da Rocha? See you there!

Other festas nearby:
Alvor Riverside (Zona Ribeirinha) - Saturday 21st of June, 22PM
Mexilhoeira Grande – Saturday 28th June, 22PM

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