Saturday, 12 January 2008

Carnival is a colourful time in the Algarve!

There are festivities and parties throughout the Algarve (and Portugal) during Carnival week. This includes Portimão.

There are parades with people (and children) dressing up in traditional and other costumes and masks. Some people are inspired by political, social or sport events to satirise World and National personalities often via giant puppet heads. All with much animation, music and entertainment!

In some parades there are Brazilian samba dancers. This is particularly true in the Carnival organised in Loulé, where it is claimed Mardi Gras parades originated before being exported to Brazil 500 years ago.

Carnival is not just entertainment but also a time to bring the community together collaborating in the preparation of the event and the decoration of allegorical floats or celebrating in masked balls or theme-based parties.

Concerted merrymaking throughout the region creates a special atmosphere and puts everyone in a great mood!

Carnival events will take place around Shrove Tuesday 5th February.

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