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Sardine Festival in Portimão, 8th-17th August 2008

Excellent sardines and grilled fish are available everywhere in the Algarve but Portimão is famous for this!
Lots of restaurants specialise in this delicacy: charcoal-grilled, seasoned with coarse sea-salt, eaten from a slice of bread and washed down with red wine (or beer).

So it’s not surprising that every year Portimão hosts the Sardine Festival!

This year the Festival starts on Friday 8th August till Sunday 17th August

The event takes place in the Riverside/Quayside (Zona Ribeirinha) from approx 6PM.

Daily music and fireworks on the last day accompany the festival.
Update 27th July 2008:

Venue: Riverside Zone
Concerts start at 10.30PM

Friday 8th August: La Fura Dels Baus - "Naumon"
Saturday 9th August: Mickael Carreira
Sunday 10th August: Orishas
Monday 11th August: Camané
Tuesday 12th August: João Pedro Pais e Ricardo Azevedo
Wednesday 13th August: Jorge Palma
Thursday 14th August: Da Weasel
Friday 15th August: Mafalda Veiga
Saturday 16th August: Martinho da Vila
Sunday 17th August: Just Girls

Tickets: €3.50 (children under 10, free)

The event is well attended by Portuguese and tourists alike and is organised by the local council.

Apart from sardines there will be other Portuguese culinary delights!

It’s great fun and an excellent way to enjoy the summer nights when on holiday!

Don’t miss THE amazing line up!

Notes & Links :

‘La Fura dels Baus is one of the world’s most electrifying performance companies. Their visually amazing productions have been seen worldwide.’ (Wikipedia)

La Fura dels Baus "Naumon"

Orishas is a hip-hop group whose members had emigrated from Cuba. They were first called the “Amenaza” meaning "menace" and appealed to the Cuban youth who were hungry for American pop culture which consisted of hip hop and rap. (Wikipedia)

Orishas (myspace)

Camané is widely accepted as one of the most impressive and representative male voices of the new generation of Fado male singers. "The greatest fadista since Amalia Rodrigues and Maria da Fe," is how British biographer David Bret, an expert of the medium, describes him. (Wikipedia)

João Pedro Pais is a singer and musician from Portugal. (Wikipedia)
João Pedro Pais (official website)

Jorge Manuel d’Abreu Palma, known as Jorge Palma (born on June 4, 1950 in Lisbon, Portugal), is a Portuguese singer and songwriter. (Wikipedia)

Da Weasel is a Portuguese hip-hop band from Almada. They are fronted by MCs Pacman and Virgul. Da Weasel is one of the oldest hip-hop projects in Portugal, having started in 1993. They are notorious for being a full session band, instead of relying on a DJ and samples. Their music uses elements from hard rock, pop and ska. (Wikipedia)

Da Weasel (official website)

Da Weasel (myspace)

'Mafalda Veiga (born December 24, 1965) is a Portuguese singer-songwriter born in Lisbon.' (Wikipedia)
Mafalda Veiga official website
Mafalda Veiga –cada lugar teu (youtube)

'Martinho da Vila a Brazilian musician, is one of the most prominent samba musicians.' (Wikipedia)

Martinho da Vila (myspace)

Just Girls is a Portuguese musical band that came from the youth tv series 'Morangos Com Açúcar' (strawberries with sugar), following the example of other bands such as D'ZRT and 4Taste. The band members are Diana Monteiro, Ana Maria Velez, Helga Posser e Kiara Timas. (Wikipedia in Portuguese)

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