Thursday, 10 July 2008

Portimão Riverside World Music - Inspired by the River Arade, 18th and 19th July 2008

Throughout the year there is a stream of cultural and musical activities taking place in Portimão’s Riverside Area. This is specially true during the Summer months.

This time we have 2 days inspired by the River Arade. Why not stroll down to the Riverside?

Friday 18th July, 2008

20.45 PM - Opening session with a short recital of poetry on the Arade River and introduction of participating bands
21.00 PM - “Marenostrum”, Algarvean Traditional Folk Band from Tavira
22.30 PM - “Zé Manel Martins” (Angolan music) / Projecto Atlântico – Launch of the new CD “Atlântico”, with the contribution from various musicians from different Portuguese-speaking countries.

Saturday 19th July, 2008

20.45 PM - Poetry recital inspired by the Arade River
21.00 - “Raspect” – Portuguese Reggae Band.
22.30 PM - “Forro Camaleão” – Brazilian capoeira music
Location: Porimão’s Riverside (Zona Ribeirinha) is at the entrance of Portimão when arriving from Parchal via the EN125 road. It is near the old neighbourhoods of Portimão: the prettiest and most character full part of town.

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‘The Arade is a river located in the Algarve, Portugal. It has its source in the Caldeirão mountain range, passes through the city of Silves and has its mouth into the Atlantic Ocean next to the city of Portimão.’ (Wikipedia)


Zé Manel Martins

Forro Camaleão


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