Sunday, 14 September 2008

Monchique tradition calls for midnight bathing at Praia do Vau!

Join the fun at Praia do Vau (between Praia da Rocha and Alvor) or meet in Monchique for the annual ‘banho 29’.

Watch this tradition with people dressed in old costumes enjoying their packed meals and cooked chouriço before a quick dip in the sea!

Sunday 28th September 2008
Meet at 8PM at the departure point: heliport in Monchique or go to the arrival point: Praia do Vau late at night.

Praia do Vau

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Links & Notes:

In times gone by families from the mountains would take their animals and food down to the beaches of the Algarve for a swim and a bath. This bathing session took place on the 29th of September (St. Michaels day) and would be ’worth 9’. It would also serve to cure people and animals of many illnesses!

According to tradition the trip would involve drinking the vodka-like ‘aguardente de medronho*’ to warm the soul, of course.

*Medronho is the fruit from the strawberry tree and this type of aguardente is traditionally made in the Monchique area.

Festa do banho 29 (Wikipedia in Portuguese)

Banho do Vinte Nove (YouTube)

O Parente da Refóias (in Portuguese)

Algarve Holiday Studio:
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