Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Concert with Wind Quintet Sopros Avent-Garde Friday 5th December at Igreja do Colégio Church

As part of Portimão's municipal holiday celebrations enjoy the soothing music of the Avent-Garde wind quintet.

The Quinteto Avent-Garde owes its name to a play of the words vanguard and wind instruments and ‘intends to adhere modestly to the vanguard concept’.

Friday 5th December, 9.30PM
Venue: Igreja do Colégio

Note: Igreja do Colégio is a magnificently-looking and recently renovated church in the centre of Portimão.

Location: Alameda da Praça da República, Portimão

Links & Notes:
‘Created in Lisbon in 2002 by five young Portuguese musicians, the Quinteto Avent-garde originated at the chamber music class of the Superior School of Music in Lisbon’ (by Quinteto Avent-garde in my space)

Quinteto Avent-garde (my space)

Quinteto Avent-garde plays Briccialdi (youtube)

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