Monday, 19 January 2009

Friday night 23rd January 2009 is time for Jazz at the TEMPO, Portimão

Mikado Lab - Sines em Jazz 2008

The TEMPO (Portimão’s Municipal Theatre) invites lovers of Jazz to spend Friday night enjoying cool Jazz from Lisbon band Mikado Lab.

Friday 23rd January, 10PM
Venue: TEMPO - TEatro Municipal de POrtimão).

Location: TEMPO - TEatro Municipal de POrtimão).
Address: Largo 1º Dezembro, 8500-538 Portimão, Phone: (+351) 282 480 496

Links & Notes:

Mikado lab are:
Marco Franco /drums-electronics.
André Matos / electric guitar.
Ana Araújo / keys-electronics.
Pedro Gonçalves / bass.
Compositions are by Marco Franco.

Mikado Lab have a new album coming out in March 2009.

More on Mikado lab by Ben Ratliff, new york times Feb 17th 2008:

‘ This clever and alert band from Lisbon draws a wide circle connecting rock and jazz and electronic music, but with enough economy and fizzy fun not to lose its plot. Most of the tracks on “Baligo” (Tone of a Pitch), the band’s assured first record, are four minutes or less; they’re all written by Marco Franco, the drummer, who has a special ear for serpentine, flowing melodies. Some of these tunes could be recast as serious pieces of jazz for a murmuring acoustic band. Instead they’re simply arranged, rough and ready.’

Mikado Lab at myspace

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