Sunday, 22 March 2009

Medieval Silves - Annual Fair in August 2009

Silves is great to visit anytime.

Recently elected to ‘Slow city’ or cittaslow it truly deserves to be part of this movement.

A quiet town in the interior of the Algarve next to the Arade River (also know as the ‘River of Silves’) it is the place to relax and ‘go back in time’.

Rich in history and in architectural beauty in equal measures. It also has a number of restaurants to try out great Algarvian cuisine

It’s one of the few towns that will not disappoint any tourist looking for a ‘different place’ to the hustle and bustle found in the towns overlooking the sea and sandy beaches.

Who would believe that in 1189 this was one of the richest and most important cities in Portugal? It was in this year that D. Sancho I conquered Silves to become king of ‘Portugal of Silves and of the Algarves’. Shortly after, in 1191, Silves would become again under Arab control until1249.

The rich and turbulent history of Silves is celebrated during the Annual Silves Medieval Fair. A fun event stretching several days when you are invited to feel the atmosphere of Medieval times. Taste and enjoy the food and the street shows with jesters, acrobats, jugglers, exotic people and re-enactments of Medieval life including battles with knights on horseback!

Enjoy the Middle Ages from 8th to 16th August, 2009 when Silves will again be going back in time!
Opening times: Daily with activities from about 10AM till late in the evening.
Programme activities TBC.

Ticket prices: The town Centre of Silves and it’s streets becomes the Fair! There are entrance costs for some of the medieval shows.

Location: Silves can easily be accessed by car from Praia da Rocha & Portimão via the A22. Get off at junction 6 for Silves and follow the directions to Silves via N124.
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‘Cittaslow (literally Slow City) is a movement founded in Italy in October of 1999. The inspiration of Cittaslow was the Slow Food organization. Cittaslow's goals include improving the quality of life in towns while resisting "the fast-lane, homogenized world so often seen in other cities throughout the world" -- as the official description puts it. Celebrating and supporting diversity of culture and the specialties of a town and its hinterland are core Cittaslow values.’ (wikipedia)

Pictures of Silves Valter Jacinto

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