Sunday, 17 January 2010

Spend St. Valentines & Carnival week in the Algarve for a great time!

Suggestion: Spend St Valentines Day (Sunday 14th February 2010) & Shrove Tuesday (16th February 2010) in the Algarve & have a great week of romance and fun!

St Valentines Day (14th February 2010)

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14

The celebration has its origin from the February Fertility festival of Feast of Lupercalia celebrated in pagan times during mid-February.

Later, the Feast of Lupercalia was turned into a Christian celebration and named Valentine's Day to honour the date of martyrdom of Saint Valentine.

According to legends, Saint Valentine was a patron saint of lovers and was executed on February 14.

It is also believed that February 14 was chosen for the romantic festival of Valentine's Day because of the popular belief in England and France that birds began to look for their mate from February 14!

Carnival Week (13-21 February 2010)

Preparations are underway throughout the Algarve (and Portugal) for Carnival week.

These festivities provide insight into the sense of humour of Portuguese people. Men dress up as women & parades are organised satirising politicians and celebrities.

The town of Loulé is probably most famous for it’s elaborate parades.

Parades are common throughout many towns in the Algarve, including Portimão.

On Shrove Tuesday (16th February) carnival participants parade through Portimão starting at 3PM in the Riverside area. Often riding in bicycles!! This is subject to confirmation nearer the date.


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