Sunday, 27 February 2011

Carnival Celebrations start 4 March 2011!

Carnival atmosphere is in the air and preparations are well underway for celebrations throughout the Algarve! Prepare to Enjoy!

These festivities provide insight into the sense of humour of Portuguese people. Men dress up as women & parades are organised satirising politicians and celebrities. Children have great fun dressing up as different characters!

The town of Loulé is probably the most famous for it’s elaborate parades and costumes. But parades are common throughout many towns in the Algarve, including Portimão.

We recommend:

Odiáxere Carnival celebrations (4 to 8 March). Parades 6 & 8 March, 15:00

Loulé Parades, 6, 7, 8 March - Avenida José da Costa Mealha, from 15:00


Carnival celebration disco at Portimão’s TEMPO Theatre – 4 March, 22:00 with covers band 7eventy 7even. Bring your flare trousers!

Tó Neto – in concert at special Carnival Party in Carvoeiro, Black Stove bar – 5 March, 22:00

Contact us if you require further details!

Portimão’s TEMPO Theatre, google map

Links & Notes:

7eventy 7even

Algarve by Tó Neto

Loulé Carnival rehearsals:


Algarve Holiday Studio:

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