Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tour de Algarve finishes today, Sunday 20 February 2011 @ Portimão Riverside

The 37th Cycle Tour de Algarve, “Algarvia”, comes to an end today !

On Sunday 20 February, at near midday enjoy the arrival of the cyclists at Portimão’s pretty Riverside (near Casa Inglesa café/restaurant & Portimão’s Municipal Museum) as the cyclists complete the Tour and the final stage.

The final stage of the Tour is 17.2 km with a departure from Lagoa (Fatacil) and arrival at Portimão’s riverside – near the Casa Inglesa restaurant.

Sunday 20 February 2011

12:00 Departure from Fatacil - LAGOA

12:03 at Saliços

12:10 at Sesmarias

12:16 at Ferragudo

12:19 at Parchal

12:19 Arrival at Portimão’s riverside – near the Casa Inglesa restaurant

Fatacil – Lagoa, google map:,-8.449092&spn=0.004961,0.008068&z=17

Portimão Riverside, google map:,-8.535004&spn=0.001253,0.002017&t=h&z=19

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