Monday, 16 February 2009

Freefly competition at Portimão’s municipal airfield in Alvor

Watch the Freefly competition this coming weekend (21st and 22nd Feb; from 9AM).

You can watch on giant screens the Freefly competition taking place at Portimão’s airfield in Alvor. Watch the images captured by the ‘cameraflyers’!

Time to watch the fliers in vertical flight falling feet first and then head first!

Saturday 21st February - Sunday, 22nd February, from 9AM
‎Address: Montes de Alvor
Portimão 8501, Portugal

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Links & Notes:

Freeflying is a skydiving discipline which began circa 1994 by a group of skydivers who wanted to experiment with non-traditional forms of flight.

Freeflying is an expansion of skydiving which includes the traditional belly-to-earth positions, but extends into vertical flight where the flyer is in an upright position (falling feet first) or in an inverted position (falling head first). These positions increase freefall speeds and make new types of formations and routines possible. (wikipedia)

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