Monday, 9 February 2009

Skydiving diving record to be broken in Portimão’s airfield, near Alvor

The stage is set for 30 skydivers to break the Portuguese record for formation diving currently set at 22 skydivers.

Next weekend (Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th February) from 9AM you can watch on giant screens the Skydiving competition taking place at Portimão’s airfield. You will be able to see the images captured by the ‘cameraflyers’ of the teams skydiving from 4500 metres altitude!

The skydivers will jump in free fall for about 60secs and reach an approx velocity of 200KM/hr.

Let’s hope the weather is perfect for this exciting spectacle!

Saturday 14th February - Sunday, 15th February, from 9AM
‎Address: Montes de Alvor
Portimão 8501, Portugal

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