Friday, 6 February 2009

Portimão Skysurf Protour 2009 returns to Portimão’s municipal airfield

This coming weekend (7th and 8th Feb; from 9AM) you can watch on giant screens the Skysurfing competition taking place at Portimão’s airfield. You will be able to see the images captured by the ‘cameraflyers’ of the teams skydiving from 4200 metres altitude!

During the competition there is a chance to win a ‘tandem’ jump with the national champion José Veras. Entrance is free of charge with bouncy castles available for children’s entertainment.

A tandem jump enables you to experience a free fall jump as a ‘passenger’ under an experienced skydiver. You only need minimal instruction before experiencing the free fall at 300km/hr!

Time to watch the skies and let the adrenaline flow!

Saturday 7th February - Sunday, 8th February, from 9AM
‎Address: Montes de Alvor, Portimão 8501, Portugal

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